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Thank you for taking an interest in me, and my work. The following will give you the opportunity to find more out more about my background and career, up till now. I hope you find it satisfactory, but in case you have any additional questions, just send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

The beginning:
Born and raised in "Dair Al Kamar", with a Pisces star sign. Since I was a child I adored singing and through the school parties I was asked by the schoolteachers to sing in all school occasions. Then there was the encouragement from my parents to sing as a hobby until in one party of a well-known celebrity, he handed me the microphone, and asked me to sing. It was then that I felt the admiration and applause of the some specialists, who advised me to sing, so I joined one of the highly accredited music academies to polish my gift. And so was the beginning.

Music study:
I joined the National Conservatory of Lebanon, where my teacher admired my voice that had a powerful ability for singing. During that period I also signed up for private tutoring by the prominent musicians Sir Fouad Awwad. And Sir Michael Karkash.

The Dream Come True:
Started with the song "Lamma Betsallim A'layye" words by poet Nabil Abi Khalil, and music by Salim Yammin. Which was the number one hit in all of the Lebanese radio stations.That was my first start up on a local level. On the Arabic level the dream came true through the song "Dana wa Dana" Words by Jordanian poet "Ibrahim Azzoghbi", and music by the great musician "Samir Baghdadi" where the song was an exclusive Number One in the Song Festival in Jordan and received credit for Voice, screenplay, direction, and photography, and based on that I was honored by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, in a celebration that had the great poet, composer and director Sir "Hussain D'aybis". And I received an award that was a resemblance to the ancient city of Petra, where the shooting of the video-clip was made.

To reach an international level, really, through my constant travel to different countries I am on that path, to do the concerts and I long for expanding the range of audience, through the universal language of music and art.

The Voice:
Possesses a strong ability in singing, within the range of "Soprano" which is rare amongst women, as classified by my tutors in the Conservatory and other professional mediums.

School study was in Beirut, and Alay, after which I commenced my higher studies in beautiful Arts ( Drawing, Painting, sculpture and photography)

Honesty, Devotion, Humanity, Humbleness, Love

Opposite what she likes in addition to: Injustice, Pessimism

"Treat others in the same way you like them to treat you"."Effort Achieves ambitions". "Count on one's self".

Najwa's Style:
Optimistic, loves life and light, humble, likes fashion and cares for her grooming personally, very specific about the quality and design with what suits her body and personality, in addition to her hairstyle and makeup. Sociable and intelligent, she also found of intelligence. Najwa Sultan is passionate about the lively, full-of-life song, that addresses the youth.

Najwa sultan especially enjoys Swimming, listening to music, sports and traveling.

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